Join a carsharing service today and save $$

Carsharing services are one key to living a car-light or car-free life. Paying for a car only when you use it can help you save money, drive less, and get more exercise. The American Automobile Association estimates that it costs almost $9,000 a year to own, insure, maintain, and use a personal car! Car2Go and ReachNow are one-way carsharing companies that allow you to quickly rent a car without having to return it to the same location at which it was picked up. For example, you might ride your bike to work but get a flat tire, or not feel like riding home in the rain. Use an app or check online for the nearest car, put your bike on the bike rack, and go! With ReachNow and Car2Go, you only pay for what you use, and there are no monthly fees and no need to gas up. 

Car2Go is CURENTLY offering a special: join for FREE and get a $5 driving credit. Use Promo code JOINC2G.

ReachNow is also offering a special and waiving the introductory membership fee. 

For more research on the positive impacts of carsharing, check out this article from Access Magazine. To learn more about carsharing options in Portland, click here.