Profiles in Car-Free Living--Sara Maly

Sara Maly works as a sales manager for the Courtyard by Marriott hotel and volunteers on Go Lloyd's Pedestrian Committee. She moved here from Wisconsin about a year and a half ago to pursue her first job after college. She grew up in a small town of 2,000 people, so it was a big move and a big step to live without a vehicle. Her favorite part of living car-free is not having to find parking in the city and the fact that she gets to zip past traffic.

I decided to move without my car because I work downtown in the Lloyd District and wanted to live close as well as save money! A family friend who lived out here told my family and me about how excellent public transit is here and how easy commuting is.
— Sara Maly

Sara commutes from the west side using MAX, and a one-way trip is about 10-15 minutes. When she first started using MAX, Sarah took advantage of online resources to learn about the system, and also talked with TriMet staff at their visitor center. Her favorite resource is the TriMet app, which she uses every day and finds incredibly user-friendly. She mostly uses MAX for her travels, but also walks and occasionally uses Portland Streetcar.

Sara’s employer subsidizes her transit use, so she pays only a little over $3 a week to get to work and beyond. Sarah plans to use the money saved from not owning a car to pay off her student loans.

In addition to public transit, Sara uses Car2Go quite a bit, especially when she gets a lot of groceries or needs to move heavy items. She also uses Uber and Lyft for other trips. She'd like to try commuting to work by bicycle to see if that would be a good option, and is also looking into the new carshare service ReachNow, which is similar to Car2Go.

I enjoy riding the Red Line west because it’s often tourists, and I work in hospitality so I love recommending fun things to do or helping them with directions. One time another commuter complimented my headphones and we started to chat. I thought I was just making a friend and then a day later she called me to join a pyramid scheme!
— Sara

Sara's advice for anyone starting to live a car-light or car-free life is to use the TriMet app. "It has everything you need! Riding the MAX or streetcar is so nice to just relax in the morning versus dealing with traffic. You can read a book, have coffee or breakfast, or even make new friends."