Go Lloyd BIKETOWN Helmet Loaner Program

Helmet images courtesy of Nutcase Helmets

Helmet images courtesy of Nutcase Helmets

Bikeshare systems across the world have helped people try bicycling for transportation. We hear from Lloyd employees and residents that would love to try riding BIKETOWN, but they don't have a bike helmet themselves, and many people won’t ride without a bike helmet. Thanks to a Go Lloyd partnership with local helmet company NUTCASE, you (and/or your employees or building residents) can now borrow a helmet for FREE!


26% of BIKETOWN trips eliminated car trips (among locals) in their first year! More people bicycling helps  to reduce congestion, increases opportunities for more physical activity in people’s days,  and improves air quality. Lloyd is lucky to have eight BIKETOWN stations in Lloyd, and we want to equip people with bike helmets so they feel confident in trying BIKETOWN for short trips in their day, in and from, Lloyd.

How it works

1. Business or building owners can order helmets and helmet covers from Go Lloyd free of charge.

2. You can use your employer’s or building manager’s check out system to borrow a helmet. Take your spin, and then return the helmet!

3. If there are any issues with the helmets, contact Go Lloyd to repair or replace.

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