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In addition to the many programs the TMA offers to the end user - the employee, there are a couple of employer-based programs that require a more top down approach...

Universal Pass is an enormously successful annual transit pass program that requires employers to purchase transit passes for all of their 'qualified' employees allowing the company to purchase the passes at a reduced rate.

Transportation Coordinators (TCs) are employees appointed by their manager to serve as an internal resource for transportation information.  TCs relay transportation related information, such as streetcar construction updates, as well as information about Lloyd TMA programs,  to the employees at their business.  They also act as a conduit of information to the TMA and TriMet on common employee concerns and needs.  View the Transportation Coordinators Handbook or contact the TMA at 503-236-6441 for more information.  

Transportation Advocacy is an important role we play for our member businesses and district property owners.  We bring together local partners and stakeholders so that district improvements and projects are and remain prioritized.

Emergency Ride Home is a program that provides transportation vouchers (cab fare) to employers who offer a subsidy to their employees for using alternative commute modes -- transit, rideshare, bicycle, walking, etc. 

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