Sometimes you need a car. Sometimes you want someone else to drive. 



Be green and save green by forming a carpool. You can share the costs of gas and parking, and have someone to chat with along the way. If you have a carpool parking permit, you may park in any available 5 hour on-street parking space.


Get There is Oregon and Southwest Washington’s rideshare matching service. Easy to use, it works for one-time trips as well as routine commutes. It's not limited to cars; you can search for a biking buddy, too. 


Metro currently has 12 vanpools traveling places such as Salem, Hood River, and Clark County. To see the full list of vanpools and information on starting and joining a vanpool, go to Metro’s website.


From taxis and pedicabs to ride-hailing, these services allow private individuals to offer rides to the public. Many of them offer online requests and payments—all you have to do is download the app and request a ride.


Carsharing is a great way to get a set of wheels without having to drive your own car to work. 

With several cars available for hourly rental in Lloyd, Zipcar gives you access to a variety of vehicles throughout the city. Gas and insurance are covered in your hourly rate.

Carshare for one-way or round-trip travel, paid by the minute. Car2Go's on-demand fleet can be found throughout Portland. On-street parking, gas, and insurance are covered in your member rate.


Peer-to-peer carshares like Getaround and Turo allow rentals between drivers and individual car owners. Insurance and the rental cost are included in the rental fee, but drivers reimburse or replace gas used during their trip. Own a car? By renting your car through Getaround or Turo when you're not using it, you can earn some extra cash.


Drive an electric vehicle and need a place to charge up? With several charging stations throughout the neighborhood, you're covered. Click below to find one near you.