TriMet Honored Citizen & Portland Streetcar Fares Increase September 1st

Both TriMet and Portland Streetcar fares increase this month. On September 1st, Portland Streetcar fares increase across the board:

  • Streetcar-Only (2.5 Hour) $2.00
  • Streetcar/TriMet All Day $5.00
  • Streetcar-Only Monthly Pass $44.00
  • Streetcar-Only Annual Pass $440.00
  • Streetcar/TriMet Honored Citizen/Youth (2.5 Hour) $1.25
  • Streetcar-Only Honored Citizen/Youth Monthly Pass $25.00)
  • Streetcar-Only Honored Citizen/Youth Annual Pass $250.00

The new fares will allow Portland Streetcar to provide expanded and improved service, including new service over Tilikum Crossing and the opening of the new A and B loops (formerly known as the Central Loop or CL line. Changes riders can expect include:

  • More service with the A & B Loops (formerly CL) extending to South Waterfront over the Tilikum Crossing.
  • Improved Saturday service with streetcars every 15 minutes.
  • Added late night service for the A & B Loops to better serve events at the Rose Quarter.
  • Increased fare enforcement and security.
  • Transition to an all-electronic fare system (E-Fare) in partnership with TriMet and C-TRAN in 2016 and 2017.
  • New Honored Citizen/Youth Streetcar-Only passes

TriMet has also announced a fare increase on its Honored Citizen fares only. Effective September 1st, Honored Citizen fares will increase from $1.00 to $1.25, with monthly passes rising from $26 to $28.