Meet Marie Rose

Our summer intern, Marie Rose, has been doing fantastic work for Go Lloyd this summer at our outreach events. She'll be returning to the University of Oregon this fall to continue her studies in economics. We sat down with Marie Rose to ask a few questions about her internship experience:

Marie Rose.jpg

Tell us about your most memorable day working with Go Lloyd this summer.
My most memorable day working with Go Lloyd this summer was my first day interacting with the community. Having started the day nervous and a little bit scared, it didn’t take me long to get comfortable once I realized that it was going to be a lot more fun, interesting, and easier than I expected.

Which event was your favorite, and why?
Tabling at the Farmers Market was my favorite event, because I got the opportunity to engage and interact a lot with people in the community from various backgrounds and ages, as well as hear about their commute experiences and opinions.

What’s something you learned about transportation options that you didn’t know before your internship?
I learned a lot about how much more affordable and accessible public transportation is than I thought, as well as how much our individual choices on transportation can have an impact on not only us, but also on our communities.

Thank you, Marie Rose! We'll miss your tireless work ethic and bright smile.