eBay Foundation Awards Lloyd EcoDistrict Grant

Special Announcement

Lloyd EcoDistrict announced on September 5, 2018, "that it is the recipient of a $20,000 grant from the eBay Foundation. The funds will be used to help launch Lloyd Delivers, the Lloyd EcoDistrict-led initiative that promotes upstream and downstream solutions to food waste and hunger starting in the Lloyd neighborhood and at eBay Portland's Downtown office.

Lloyd Delivers enables real choices that reduce waste and greenhouse gases while fighting hunger in Portland. When companies participate in Lloyd Delivers, office and event managers are able to make important choices about how their food is catered and leftovers are used to benefit the community.

Through our partnership with Portland Pedal Power, companies have superior catering choices for employee meetings and special events. All food is locally-sourced from a full range of Portland restaurants and bakeries. Meals are delivered sustainably by Portland Pedal Power’s familiar fleet of specially-designed cargo bikes. By choosing to cater with Portland Pedal Power, companies may select family style food packaging, eliminating the need for unnecessary packaging and waste. Finally, the company is able to donate high-quality leftover food to nonprofits that fight food insecurity including Portland Rescue Mission or New Avenues for Youth .

Lloyd Delivers will be powered by Move Food, a system that takes the complexity out of connecting businesses with fresh quality prepared foods to organizations and individuals who need it. Move Food’s simple-to-use app gives people who want to do some good in their community an easy way to get involved by volunteering to move food from a point of waste to a place of need. The Lloyd Delivers initiative will help evolve the Move Food platform so that it can be used in other communities and made available to other organizations addressing food insecurity.

In addition to the grant from the eBay Foundation, eBay will contribute to Lloyd Delivers by providing volunteer tech assistance from developers who will share their expertise to help improve the Move Food mobile app. eBay’s Portland office is dedicated to the advancement of mobile technologies, making this an ideal partnership.

Lloyd Delivers is a partnership among Lloyd EcoDistrict, eBay Foundation, Portland Pedal Power, and Move Food.  It is an excellent example of how successful partnerships among resourceful and innovative organizations can lead to new opportunities. Lloyd EcoDistrict is in the business of creating these kinds of partnerships and launching sustainable solutions that others can emulate."

-Lloyd EcoDistrict