New TriMet Fare Options

February brings some big changes to how people ride TriMet. The fare system is transitioning to Hop Fastpass, which means the paper tickets and passes that you may have seen or bought month after month are going away. It also means you have many new, convenient options to hop on the bus or MAX. Hop Fastpass has a lot of benefits, including protection if you ever lose the card. It also means faster bus boarding, which can save you time!


You might be asking what this means for you, or wondering how to take the bus without a paper ticket. You might be wondering how to get a pass from your employer or how to use your transit benefit card to buy a monthly pass.

While there are some changes still to be announced, we have tried to distill these recent changes for you below in our frequently asked questions.

  • Do I have to buy a Hop card to ride TriMet?
    No. You can still pay your fare in cash, or with paper tickets you have already purchased, new Hop-enabled PAPER tickets, your Universal Pass or other employer-issued pass, or your mobile phone payment app.
  •  Can I still buy a monthly pass?
    Yes and no. You can no longer buy a monthly paper pass, but you can add funds to a Hop card to add up to a monthly pass. You can do this at Go Lloyd's Transportation Store, online, over the phone, or at local retailers like Plaid Pantry or Fred Meyer. This is easier than before, and if you ever lose your Hop card, you can keep the value that was on the card if you register it. This way you're not out that money if you drop your paper pass on the platform.
  • What do I do if I get my monthly pass from my employer*?
     You can still do that. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Do I need a smartphone or a bank account to have a Hop card?
    No. You can use cash to buy the card and add value. You don't need a smartphone to use the Hop card.
  • Can I pay for my Hop card with cash?
    Yes! You can do so easily at Go Lloyd or at a local retailer, and you can add value to your card with cash too.
  • Can I still buy individual tickets and ticket books?
    Yes. You can still purchase paper tickets on MAX platforms from the ticket vending machines and soon from Go Lloyd's Transportation Store. They will be Hop-enabled so you can hop on to the bus and quickly tap the Hop payment box.
  • Can I still pay for a ticket on my phone?
    Yes. There is a new Hop mobile payment app. Read more about it
  • Does this affect my annual Universal Pass*? 
    No. There are no changes to your employer Universal Pass at this time. You can continue to show your pass to the driver or fare inspector.
  • Can I use my Hop card to ride C-TRAN?
    Yes. It simply deducts the value of the ride from your Hop account, so be sure to have enough on your card if you are riding a C-TRAN Express route.
  • Can I use my Hop Card to ride Portland Streetcar?
    Yes. You tap on just as you would getting on MAX or a TriMet bus. The fare is deducted from your Hop card account.

*If you are an employer or transportation coordinator, stay tuned for an invitation to a Go Lloyd meeting about all of this soon.

We know change is hard, but we will do our best to make sure you have all of the information to make riding TriMet easier and more convenient. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions about this change.

More information about the transition to Hop can be found here.