ReachNow is Now in Beaverton

ReachNow Portland continues to grow! They now serve Hillsboro and Tektronix’s Beaverton campus. Expansion to Portland’s Silicon Forest offers residents and employees of this vibrant, growing community a convenient and affordable transportation option to get to and from downtown Portland or the airport. With today's expansion, ReachNow is now serving about 40 square miles of the greater Portland area, with nearly 400,000 people within walking distance of a shared car.

The hub for ReachNow’s expansion to the Westside is the award-winning, master-planned community Orenco Station. Members can now start or end a ReachNow trip in any non-time- restricted parking space in Orenco Station. In Beaverton, ReachNow has 10 designated parking spaces on the Tektronix Campus for members to park or pick up a car. 

This is great news for people who live in Beaverton or Hillsboro and are interested in taking MAX or biking to work in Lloyd. Now you can be confident that if you need to get home in an emergency, or have to transport large items, you can grab a car within blocks of your office and drive where you need to go. And if you travel for work, you can drive a ReachNow from Beaverton to the airport!

Sometimes you need to drive, but owning a car can be a financial burden. Carsharing makes living a low-car or no-car lifestyle feasible.