E-Fleet Pilot wraps up

The second cohort of the Lloyd E-Fleet pilot project just wrapped up at the Lloyd 700 building and PacifiCorp. The Lloyd E-Fleet was a six-week pilot demonstrating the role of electric-assist bicycles in helping people get around conveniently and sustainably during the workday. Led by GenZe and the Lloyd EcoDistrict and supported by Go Lloyd, the project's aim was to expand people's transportation options and cut down on congestion in the neighborhood. 

We heard from many people that they were sad to see the e-bikes go when the pilot ended. People loved riding the e-bikes to meetings, to lunch, or just along the waterfront. Stephen from BPA doesn't ride a bike to work because it's too far, but he really enjoyed using the e-bikes for work and personal trips.  

One day last week I used it to pick up tickets to the Who Concert and also to go see my daughter at work near SW 6th and Alder. It allowed me to surprise her after she had just gotten in from five weeks in Europe the night before. It’s also nice that you can work as hard or easy you want to get where you are going.
— Stephen @ BPA

Hassalo on Eighth was so impressed with the e-bikes that they purchased several from GenZe to have available for their tenants. People can check them out just like they would a cart or an event room, and can get around the neighborhood and the city easily without having to worry about parking a car or buying their own bike, not to mention the lock, rack, and other gear. They can just zip along carefree. 

The team has conducted a survey and series of interviews with the transportation and facilities managers, and will be issuing a report with lessons learned and facts about the bikes' usage. Our hope is to have e-bikes throughout the neighborhood so people can get around without breaking a sweat or adding to traffic congestion. Stay tuned for more on that, and on how to buy GenZe Bikes for your business. 

Read more about the EcoDistrict's e-bike program here.