The Quilting Queen of Holladay Park Plaza

Stop by the Inspiration Station at Management Recruiters (2020 Lloyd Center) this month to see Brenda Bell's beautiful mini-quilt displayed. Brenda began quilting years ago when she heard she was going to have a grandchild. "All grandchildren need quilts," she says. "I went to one class and the rest is history. I've made over 150 quilts now [See two of them below] and some have been displayed in art galleries. I love color. The mini-quilt was created because I was going on a plane trip and I wanted something to do that wasn't reading."

Brenda tells this story: "I used to work for a newspaper and developed a friendship with a young editor who had twins and then a single baby boy as well. I made them all a quilt and the little boy especially loved his. Our families remained friends even after we moved away but I always heard that the quilt I made was his favorite thing. They brought it everywhere and would travel miles to go back for it if it was forgotten. By the time this baby had grown up into a young man heading off to college, he asked his mother, 'Should I take it?' It was barely hanging together by now but his mother made a brown plaid pillow case to put it in. Years passed and they came to visit. We were sitting in the garden when all of a sudden his mother produced that pillow case and told me, 'Put your hand in and pull out what you find.' It was the quilt -- two decades old now and completely thread-bare. I made her son a new one. He sent me a lovely 'thank you' note and said he'd pass it on to his child."

Brenda has lived at Holladay Park Plaza for almost three years and is pictured above with the 10 foot Handi Quilter 16 machine that she made available to all residents. She enjoys teaching other residents how to quilt. "I love doing it -- it provides me with good mental health. As far as my own projects, my favorite quilt is always the one I'm working on now."

Have you created something special that you'd like to display in our Inspiration Stations? Submissions should be no bigger than 8.5" X 11" and can be art, photography, collage, poetry, drawings or another creative medium. Contact Moira Green for more info.