Free Treats Compliments of Zipcar

Zipcar allows you to drive by the hour or day. It's like having your own car in the city -- but with free gas and insurance. Need to get out of town? Have lunchtime errands to run? Use this cost-effective, convenient way to get around without the expense and responsibility of owning a vehicle.

If you and your colleagues would like to learn more, Zipcar will come to your place of business with complimentary, yummy treats for a casual information session. Your employees can "grab a goodie and go." For more info, contact Lilia Grundy at Zipcar Portland's office.

What sweet perks do you get if you sign up for Zipcar?

  • Exclusive low rates Monday through Friday
  • 24/7 self-service access to a variety of cars and vans
  • Reserve at a moment's notice from your smartphone
  • No paperwork, no hassle

CHECK OUT THE LLOYD DISTRICT'S SPECIAL ZIPCAR DEAL: Enter promo code GoLloyd35 when you join Zipcar for a $35 driving credit right off the bat!