SprocketFly Brings Bike Repair to You

You may have noticed a new face at the Lloyd Farmer’s Market the past few Tuesdays. Portland’s own SprocketFly has set up a tent to perform free bike checkups for Farmer’s Market patrons, and they’ve got all the tools and equipment on hand to help take care of the little things and keep your bike riding right. When they’re not checking out bikes at the Farmer's Market, SprocketFly provides mobile bike repair and tune-up services to homes and businesses anywhere in the city of Portland.

For businesses who value their bike-commuting employees, SprocketFly offers Workplace Tunes, bike tune-up events for employees, with discounted rates that can be paid individually or ahead of time by organizations as a benefit for their employees. 

Workplace Tunes are an excellent way to reward employees who make the healthy choice to bike into work instead of drive. Rather than having to balance the time to make it into the shop for a tune-up, employees can instead focus on work, and more fully enjoy their time at home.

SprocketFly mechanics will come to your workplace and set up a tidy mobile bike shop near your bike-parking area or other open space. They’ve got all the tools and equipment to perform nearly every major bike repair from fixing a flat or adjusting derailleurs to performing a full bike overhaul. 

Employees sign up ahead of each event by using a shared electronic spreadsheet including notes and concerns about their bike. SprocketFly brings all the necessary parts for any specific repairs to the worksite, and they have extras like lights and safety gear on hand. Employees also get access to discounted pricing on many bike accessories and parts through SprocketFly's online store. 

A mobile bike repair event is a great way to interact directly with the mechanic who does the work. Typically, mechanics are out over several days, and commuters get to share feedback on their tuneup experience, and mechanics are able to provide any needed follow up tweaks. SprocketFly mechanics love talking bikes, answering questions and giving pointers on keeping gears turning and brakes squeak-free. They’ve worked with great companies who are committed to bike culture all over PDX, including Adidas, Airbnb, and Whole Foods.

Appointments can be booked today online at SprocketFly.com.