Explore Washington Park Job Opening: Communications Specialist

Want to work in Portland's "backyard" for a well-established non-profit? Explore Washington Park needs a Communications Specialist to lead outreach efforts to the over 3.5M people who visit Washington Park each year. This position will work with the Explore Washington Park team to provide guests with information to ensure they have a positive and memorable visit.

Explore Washington Park Job Opening: Communications Specialist

Explore Washington Park Job Opening: Deputy Director

The Deputy Director will assist the Executive Director in managing all aspects of Explore Washington Park, a non-profit dedicated to improving access and visitor experience to Washington Park in Portland, Oregon. This position will oversee personnel, program budgets and data management, among other duties.

Explore Washington Park Job Opening: Deputy Director

Meet Go Lloyd's New Employee Outreach and Bike Program Manager

Alex Zimmermann is our new Bicycle Program and Employee Outreach Manager, and is your go-to person for all things bike-related in the neighborhood. Originally from New York, Alex was the Bicycle Coordinator for the University of Utah from 2013 to 2016, and has a background in active transportation, community organizing, and marketing.

She’s excited to put her marketing and outreach skills to work on improving the biking experience for people who live in, work in, play in, and pass through our neighborhood. When she’s not talking about transportation, you can find Alex running trails, singing karaoke, or searching for the best sandwich in Portland!

Alex Zimmermann.png

Trivia Time!

Answer this trivia question correctly online or in person at our store and be entered to win a free bike helmet!

On June 26th, at 7:00pm, the last private car to drive through Central Park in New York City marked the beginning of a new area for car-free public space. In what year did the first demonstration for a car-free Central Park occur?

A) 2004
B) 1989
C) 1977
D) 1966

Answer the trivia question on social media or in person at the Go Lloyd Transportation Store and be entered to win! Enter by July 31st!

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Trash Mob May 23rd!

Join Go Lloyd's Pedestrian Committee and the residents of Calaroga Terrace for an afternoon of civic service. We will provide all of the safety equipment, we just need you to help us pick up litter around the neighborhood. It's a great way to enjoy some outdoor time on your lunch break while getting exercise and giving back to the neighborhood. Register here.


May 23rd trash Mob Flyer.jpg

Trivia Time! Win a Free Hop Card!

It's trivia time again! Answer this trivia question correctly online or in person at our Transportation Store and be entered to win a free Hop Fastpass with a day pass pre-loaded! Enter by March 30th.

A fitness trend known as Plogging combines which two actions?

A) Walking and planting flower bulbs
B) Bicycling and trimming overgrown trees and bushes
C) Running and gathering trash
D) Dancing and raking leaves


Lloyd EcoDistrict Model the Way Awards

Save the Date!

Save the date for the 2nd Annual Model the Way Sustainability Awards! Join Lloyd EcoDistrict Thursday, April 12th as we honor local and regional leaders whose work best models the way to community-based sustainability. The evening will feature an awards ceremony, a keynote address, a hosted bar and hors d’oeuvres, and great company! Award nominations open Monday, January 8th.

Visit http://www.ecolloyd.org/event/2018-model-the-way-leadership-awards/ to learn more about the awards and be sure to save the date!


Transportation Store Special

February Transportation Store Special: 20% OFF Bike Locks

Free Glimmis Reflector with ANY purchase!

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