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LCA Member Benefits and Calendar of Events

2017 was an exciting year for Lloyd! LCA helped our members thrive during a time of significant change and stay in the loop about the latest Lloyd Neighborhood developments. As our Neighborhood continues to evolve rapidly, it’s more important than ever to be a member of the Lloyd Community Association (LCA)!


Farewell Hope!

We’re sad to report that Hope Estes, our Employer Outreach and Pedestrian Program Manager, is leaving her position with Go Lloyd this month.

Hope joined our team a year ago and immediately wowed us with her immense positivity, creative thinking, and sharp organizational skills. Originally from the Portland area, Hope moved to Seattle to attend college, eventually earning a master’s degree in public administration. She enjoyed her years up north, but was happy to be back home and working for Go Lloyd, where she could put her transportation geekery to full use. In addition to helming our pedestrian program, Hope led a complete update of our business database and authored a guide on using transportation demand management to recover from natural disasters and other emergencies. She was also an unfailingly upbeat presence in our office. Hope leaves us to help her family business in Vancouver, Washington. The entire Go Lloyd staff and board of directors wish her the best of luck!


Sullivan's Crossing Bridge Update

After years of discussion and planning, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has begun design and engineering work for a bridge to extend NE 7th Avenue in Lloyd across I-84. The project is currently known as Sullivan's Crossing.

While the north landing of the bridge was always planned to be at 7th, PBOT was considering either 7th or 8th for the south landing. Through their preliminary engineering work, as well meetings with stakeholders and a public open house, they have now decided on an alignment. The bridge will go from from 7th Avenue in Lloyd to 7th Avenue in the Central Eastside.

The decision was made by looking at a variety of factors, including safety, right-of-way acquisition, and feasibility. You can see the decision-making matrix, as well the open house boards and other details, here.

About Sullivan's Crossing

This pedestrian- and bike-only bridge will provide a much-needed connection between the Central Eastside and Lloyd and other inner N/NE Portland neighborhoods. The current crossing options at NE Grand or NE 12th often require people walking or biking to travel several blocks out of their way, and can be unpleasant, especially on dark winter evenings. The new bridge will make getting across the freeway significantly easier, help us reach our active transportation goals, and provide a beautiful gateway to Lloyd.

Learn more about the project here.


Go Lloyd Trivia Contest

It's a new year and it's trivia time again!

Let's look back at 2017 and see how transportation options benefited our environment! Answer the following question by Friday, January 19 and be entered to win 50% OFF any one purchase at our Transportation Store:

By choosing sustainable options, Lloyd employees and residents help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately how many pounds of carbon dioxide were reduced in 2017?

A) 2,383,000 lbs
B) 3,383,000 lbs
C) 3,483,000 lbs
D) 4,183,000 lbs

Answer the trivia question on social media or in person at the Go Lloyd Transportation Store and be entered to win!

Find us: @golloydpdx on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Tax Reform Bill and Transportation

Recent changes to federal tax law have created confusion around employee and employer transportation benefits. Here is what we know today about the impacts:

  • The employer tax exemption for the BICYCLE COMMUTER BENEFIT is no longer available. While employers can still offer this benefit, it is no longer tax-exempt for either employees or employers. This benefit allows employers to reimburse employees up to $20 a month for eligible bicycle commuting expenses. Read more about this here.
  • Employees will still be able to get the pre-tax deduction for TRANSIT passes and tickets. Many employees get transit benefits this way and this will not change.
  • Employers will no longer have tax exemptions for employee TRANSIT or PARKING benefits.

Learn more about how the new tax law impacts transportation programs here:

You can read more about the BICYCLE COMMUTER TAX BENEFIT here:

As noted, these changes are brand new and employers will likely need time to determine how, if at all, they will change their transportation benefits.

Burnside Bridge Maintenance Project

Lane closures on the Burnside Bridge will begin in early January for surface repairs as part of Multnomah County’s Burnside Bridge Maintenance Project. The project will require closure of two lanes for two years, January 2018 to December 2019. Weather permitting, a full bridge closure is planned for the weekend of January 5-8 to install staging and traffic control for construction.

TRAFFIC IMPACTS – Bridge Surface

  • FULL WEEKEND CLOSURE – Friday, January 5 at 11 p.m. to Monday, January 8 at 5 a.m., weather permitting.
  • TWO LANES CLOSED (one lane in each direction) – January 2018 to December 2019.
    Contractors will perform bridge surface work in two phases: south side in 2018; north side in 2019. (Note: the attached construction notice shows 2018 south side closures.)
  • Occasional night time full bridge closures throughout construction.
  • Bike and pedestrian shared-use paths and sidewalks will be maintained on both sides of traffic.
  • The Eastbank Esplanade staircase will remain open with occasional night closures. 

Under Bridge Work Activities

  • Work under the bridge has been ongoing since April 2017. This work is being done in stages.
  • NE/SE 3rd Avenue – currently under construction. Vehicle, bike and pedestrian access is being maintained.
  • Waterfront Park – January to Spring 2018 – bike and pedestrian access will be maintained.
  • Naito Parkway – January to Spring 2018 – temporary lane closures; on east side of Naito, bike and pedestrian access will be detoured through Waterfront Park.
  • NE/SE 2nd Avenue – Fall 2018 to Winter 2019 – vehicle, bike and pedestrian access maintained.

This project will complete a number of repairs on the Burnside Bridge to expand its service life. These include structural, mechanical, electrical and surface repairs.

More information about the project can be found on the website:

Burnside Bridge Maintenance Construction Notice 12-20-2017.png

Shovel Your Sidewalks This Winter!


As the days get shorter and colder, it's never too early to start thinking about how winter weather may affect Portland's streets and sidewalks!

Did you know that Portland City Code requires ALL property owners to shovel snow from sidewalks after a snowstorm? City Charter 17.28.025 states:

"The owner(s) and/or occupant(s) of land adjacent to any street in the City shall be responsible for snow and ice removal from sidewalks abutting or immediately adjacent to such land, notwithstanding any time limitations."

This means that if you own property in Portland, it is your responsibility to remove snow and/or ice from the sidewalk as soon as possible after a snow storm. When property owners neglect this rule, they make walking less safe for everyone during winter weather events!

Please, shovel your sidewalks this winter and get others to shovel too! If your workplace has a sidewalk, please tell your property manager about your responsibility to the city and to your neighbors.


Are You Ready for Winter Weather?

Forecasters are predicting another snowy winter this year. Hopefully we won't have the "snowpocalypse" we did last year, but it pays to be prepared for inclement weather. While snow can be beautiful and fun, it sure does make getting to work or school tricky. We have some tips on getting ready for Old Man Winter below.

Winter Weather Preparation Tips

·     Be sure to know your workplace's or school's inclement weather policy ahead of time and how they communicate about closures or late starts.

·     Do you know what transit routes you could take as a plan B if you typically drive or ride your bike? Check out the TriMet trip planner to plan your route and get to know your snow route.

·     Don't drive if you don't feel comfortable driving in snow or have proper tires or chains. Many of last year's traffic jams were caused by stuck vehicles or collisions of poorly equipped vehicles. Check out more tips from PBOT.

·     MAX may not be able to run in icy conditions. Be sure to know what bus you can take instead.

·     Sign up for alerts from TriMet and Portland Streetcar to be up to date on the system's status.

·     BIKETOWN bikes work surprisingly well in the snow! Sign up for an account today in case you need it in a pinch. Biking in the snow is more fun than waiting for a delayed bus.

·     Don't have snow tires on your car? Try ReachNow or Car2Go carshare if you need to travel. Much of their fleet, which includes vehicles from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini, has four-wheel drive and heated seats. Pay for only the minutes that you drive.

·     Whatever you do, be sure to dress warmly and watch out for other road users, especially those on foot or bike.


ReachNow is Now in Beaverton

ReachNow Portland continues to grow! They now serve Hillsboro and Tektronix’s Beaverton campus. Expansion to Portland’s Silicon Forest offers residents and employees of this vibrant, growing community a convenient and affordable transportation option to get to and from downtown Portland or the airport. With today's expansion, ReachNow is now serving about 40 square miles of the greater Portland area, with nearly 400,000 people within walking distance of a shared car.

The hub for ReachNow’s expansion to the Westside is the award-winning, master-planned community Orenco Station. Members can now start or end a ReachNow trip in any non-time- restricted parking space in Orenco Station. In Beaverton, ReachNow has 10 designated parking spaces on the Tektronix Campus for members to park or pick up a car. 

This is great news for people who live in Beaverton or Hillsboro and are interested in taking MAX or biking to work in Lloyd. Now you can be confident that if you need to get home in an emergency, or have to transport large items, you can grab a car within blocks of your office and drive where you need to go. And if you travel for work, you can drive a ReachNow from Beaverton to the airport!

Sometimes you need to drive, but owning a car can be a financial burden. Carsharing makes living a low-car or no-car lifestyle feasible.


TriMet's 122nd MAX Station Construction

TriMet’s E 122nd Ave MAX Station will get a complete makeover starting Sunday, December 3 and lasting through June 2018.

Beginning Monday, November 27, temporary platforms will be in place to keep the station open during the improvement project. The temporary platforms will be assembled in the left turn lanes on East Burnside Street on both the east and west side of 122nd Avenue.

For westbound trips toward City Center and Hillsboro, board MAX trains at the temporary platform on the east side of 122nd Avenue (Stop ID 8368). For eastbound trips, board at the temporary platform on the west side of 122nd Avenue (Stop ID 8349).

The station renovation includes improved shelters, updated lighting and security cameras, and digital TransitTracker displays, plus cleaning and painting. More.


Snowy Sidewalk Photo Contest

Go Lloyd will be hosting a contest this winter to encourage responsibility and safety in the Lloyd neighborhood. Together we can make Lloyd the safest place to walk in Portland during a snowstorm!

To Enter:

  • After a snow event, snap a photo of a beautifully shoveled sidewalk in Lloyd that you think deserves recognition. It can be your own business, a shop you pass on your walk to lunch, or any sidewalk in Lloyd!
  • Post the photo to Facebook, Twitter or and/or Instagram and tag Go Lloyd (@golloydpdx) and caption it with the hashtag #WinterInLloyd. If you don't use social media, just email the picture to !
  • To celebrate the end of winter weather, we will award prizes for the best photos and give shout-outs to Lloyd businesses that are true sidewalk shoveling champions on our website and social media!
  • Post or email your photos by February 15th. Winners will be announced March 1st!

Open House: Learn more about Sullivan's Crossing

OPEN HOUSE: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5TH, 4 - 6:30PM (drop in anytime)

Location: Oregon Metro, 2nd floor lobby (600 NE Grand Ave, 97232)

Snacks provided.

Join PBOT to learn more about Sullivan’s Crossing, and provide feedback on:

·         Different alignment options for the new I-84 crossing

·         Possible bridge types

·         Potential traffic changes to Lloyd Boulevard and nearby intersections

Learn more about the project here. 


Go Lloyd Trivia Contest

It's trivia time! Win a FREE monthly TriMet pass for December!

What is the minimum bicycle lighting requirement according to Oregon law?

A) Bike shows one white light in front/ one white light in rear.
B) Bike shows one red reflector in front/ one white light in rear.
C) Bike shows one white light in front/ one red reflector in rear.

Answer the trivia question on social media or in person at the Go Lloyd Transportation Store and be entered to win. Enter by November 20th.

Find us: @golloydpdx on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


Strava Art Contest Winner

Congratulations Charlie, Winner of the Strava Art Contest!

Entry #2 or "the Blue Goose" was based on the photo below. Thanks for playing and voting!

Entry # 2 "the Blue Goose" Bike ride

Entry # 2 "the Blue Goose" Bike ride

You Voted for your favorite art made by walking, running or biking!

Winners will receive a goody bag of activity gear donated from Strava including:

Cool shades, water bottles, hats, and waterproof phone sleeves and more!

Thank you to all who participated in the strava art challenge!

Entry # 1 "Tic Tac Toe" Running/Walking

Entry # 1 "Tic Tac Toe" Running/Walking

Entry # 3 "A Rose for Lloyd" Bike ride

Entry # 3 "A Rose for Lloyd" Bike ride

Job Opening: Employer Outreach and Pedestrian Program Manager

We are seeking a confident and creative professional to serve as our Employer Outreach and Pedestrian Program Manager. This position administers several programs that encourage Lloyd employees and residents to choose transit, biking, walking, or ridesharing for their commute.

Job Opening: Employer Outreach and Pedestrian Program Manager

Deadline extended! Strava Art Contest

Do you like walking or biking? Do you like art? Do you like contests?

If you like any of the above, enter our Strava Art Competition and be entered to win rad Strava Gear like hats, water bottles, and shades OR gift cards to local restaurants and shops!

The goal is make a really cool picture using your bike or walk route map. We will award three winners, one for biking, one for walking and one people's choice award.

How to enter & contest rules:

1. Use Strava, the activity tracking app. 

2. Start, end or go through the Lloyd neighborhood on your route.

3. Create an interesting G-rated image or phrase by walking or biking, without cheating or breaking the law. 

4. Submit your image using the DPX File and/or link your Strava Activity number to and please share to 1 of the 3 Go Lloyd social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #StravaLloyd

5. Submissions must be in by 5pm October 30th

Winners will be selected the first week of November by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Committees as well as through a popular vote. So be sure to share with your coworkers and neighbors!

Image by Gene Lu.

Image by Gene Lu.

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